Days You Remember from Mountain Hardwear on Vimeo.

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    Sunrise on Gothic Peak: Testing the Lamina Z Spark

    Last week, Mountain Hardwear sent me one of their new … Read more

    Ames Ice Hose (Williams) 242VI3A08892

    Erik and the Ribbon, Round 4

    Warm sunny weather drew my good friend Rob Raker and … Read more

    Taken by Justin Murrell

    Life Could be a Dream: Testing the Laminina Z Spark

    Living on the coast of British Columbia has its ups … Read more

    Spain David Lopez Campe

    The Plight of the San Francisco (rock) Climber

    A sentiment often repeated by road-weary, die-hard weekend warriors in … Read more

    Share The Stoke

    For me, the best part of winter isn’t found in … Read more