7 Responses to Meet Michelle Parker

  1. Heather Hawkins says:

    An awesome product that meets, all pretections of aspects. One to meet all even every day care. One product you can where and be proud of owning. One to last. And bring to all elements. Very versital. A product that backs it’s merchandise. Have to say I have only three products. But I will and have bought for family. And have never been disappointed. Love the wear. Love the natural lightness. Love the quality. Thank you.

    • Santiago says:

      That’s a pretty nice kit, I only do one thing dieenrfft and I use my ENO y nada mas. To me it’s comfortable, and it’s more compact than having all the necessities for a tent. I could actually use some advice though, my water purification system is old and I just don’t trust it anymore. What would you recommend as a good, yet not overly expensive option?

  2. wes says:

    very awesome photography and maneuvers pulled off by this awesome athlete — love all the angles and ways I felt I was right along or along the ride watching from the mountain level :) pure awesome!

  3. LUIS MORA says:

    Congratulations !!!!!!!its wonderfull, is magnificent, i dont have words to described, regards from ecuador, sud america !!!!

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