This week’s Moments Make The Journey Contest winner was chosen by Mountain Hardwear athlete Ethan Pringle.

Winner: @briantreit!

It was a tough decision because all the photos were pretty great and they were all so different from one another. So many different scenes spoke of so many different emotions. Most of them showed joy and adventure, which is what’s it’s all about! A few also showed fear and consequence, which I liked, and a few showed solitude.

In the end, the photo I picked was the one that stuck out in my mind the most after my first spin through the photos. After about 15 more laps through the photos, it was still my favorite. The pic of “Black Tide, AKA, Sphincter Quits” by @briantreit caught my eye and captured my intrest from my initial viewing and stuck with me the most.

I love J-Tree, runout slabs, and big, blank walls. I love the way this photo was framed and the way the colors and the Yuccas in the foreground really stand out. And the guy looks like he’s on one hell of a journey!

Good photos all around!

-Ethan Pringle

2 Responses to Moments Make The Journey Week 3 Winner

  1. Saunsea says:

    Brilliant photo and brilliant choice! Personally, I love the way that the size of the objects in the photo are portrayed.

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