Everest is the highest point on earth. Here the air is the thinnest. It is the third pole. I’ve always had the idea on my mind to summit the tallest mountain on our earth. A few goals exist in the life of a mountaineer that just have to be accomplished. For me, Everest was one of those goals.

Nonetheless, I was turned off a bit as the mountain gets commercially exploited to the extreme.
It’s busy up on Everest. Business is mostly done with clients that will climb to the summit with bottled oxygen on a fixed-rope route. Only 142 official ascents are registered to date without using bottled supplemental oxygen. With a total of 6,000 ascents, that’s a small percentage.

Also, since Loretan and Troillet, no Swiss has made it to the summit of Everest and back to base camp without oxygen. That fascinated me. Many very strong mountaineers needed several attempts to reach the summit without the magical doping out of the bottle.

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