by Liv Sansoz

My passion for outdoor activities makes me travel. I am attracted to new landscapes and have a curiosity for different cultures. I love meeting the locals, tasting new flavors, and living new adventures. This kind of lifestyle led me to travel to a place just a short flight away from France, but still “at the end of the world.”

Taghia is a tiny Moroccan village isolated in the High Atlas Mountains and exists without telephone lines, internet, or cars. It and is an ideal location to explore and seek out new adventures.

First we traveled from Geneva to Marrakech where we spent a day in the beautiful oriental city full of colors. We slack-lined with smiling people in the parks, visited the souks, and spent the evening in Jamaa el Fnaa square. The fragrances and colors were sharp and bright.

[Marrakech colors. PHOTO: Marc Daviet]

Our level of luxury was quick to change as we took a bus to a Berber village and ended up in Zaouia Ahansal, where we would take our chances without a car.

[The team en route to Taghia. PHOTO: Marc Daviet]

In Taghia, transportation is on foot. The first day we found ourselves walking up the mountains in the pouring rain while donkeys shuttled our luggage. The rain, fog, and finally the night’s darkness forced us to improvise a basic bivouac on our first night. It was a good introduction to the Moroccan way of living.

[A rainy approach. PHOTO: Marc Daviet]

Above all else, Taghia is a destination for rock climbing and trekking. Emma and I, accompanied by Antoine, decided to make the most of the morning and spend the days climbing the walls around the village. We found a stunning landscape and incredible contrasting colors at the Oujdad Bridge, near Taghia Village towards Tadrarate. The amazing views we had before we went back to our base camp were unforgettable.

[Emma and Liv enjoy a windy day on the wall. PHOTO: Marc Daviet]

[Liv Sansoz works out the sequence. PHOTO: Marc Daviet]

We left early the next morning, fired up for a first ascent of the rock face near our camp. We installed a high line, but, just like the day before, the weather gods were sadly not with us. Challenged by lots of wind, the Skyliners worked hard to finish the installation of the high line above the village and soon we saw them dancing on the tense line in the sky. It started raining, and when the sun returned, we saw a rainbow in the sky, bright and with a rare intensity. Our photographer Marc Daviet quickly captured it before the clouds came back and we felt the temperatures drop dramatically.

[It doesn’t get much better than this. High lining outside Taghia. PHOTO: Marc Daviet]

[Taghia base camp. PHOTO: Marc Daviet]

The local children welcomed us back to the village that evening, excited to see strangers. The weather didn’t clear up and was too bad to attempt another route.

I was fulfilled and happy to be in Taghia. There is so much to do in this little paradise.

-Liv Sansoz

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